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So, someone new who added me to their watch list has Pornography in their "favorites" section. I wasn't being nosy but, I was curious to who this new person was that added me on here when I clearly do NOT add artwork on DA anymore whats-so-ever unless if I change my mind again for whatever reason. Anyways, back on track: Why am I seeing Pornography here on DA? Is DA not doing their job by not getting rid of those deviations? On top of that I'm seeing Explicit Yuri pics *which I honestly dun care to see* but, isn't that art supposed to be "censored" even if it's marked as "Mature"? I've reported a few Porn pics on here to hopefully not see them again you might think that's hypocritical of me considering I used to draw Yaoi but, not anymore & there's a specific reason why I don't post that stuff. <--If you want to know why I've stopped posting Yaoi & Yuri please, hit me up with a note asking a personal question on why not I'll answer you privately.

Anyways, I just "might" make a new DA account but, only for "PayPal" NSFW artwork cause, I'm in need of cash for Web Hosting from WordPress's "BlueHost" company to run my NSFW Art Blog & it's about $500 cause, of it's lying ass saying "It's free" when it's obviously not. I would call them out on that but, nobody ain't got time for that.

So yeah, whoever I got on my watch list or/ friends list I'm un-listing because, of my new account I'll be adding you on if you want to support me still. I'm on vacation so, it's gonna be awhile before I post something new for my SpeedPaint videos on Vidme. I might use YT since I've figured out some tricks on how to get noticed through Network Programs like Freedom, ScaleLab, (etc).

Actually, let me ask you guys this? Do you think I should come back to DA just for commission work or as a full time thing? Cause, my art has really improved since I left. My art isn't like Sakimichan's though no where near her level but, it's still worth checking out. I spend like maybe 3 days or more on one drawing these days sometimes less depending on the details & effort. I need ya'lls opinions on this subject matter cause, I'm stumped on how to get easy cash online in my PayPal to get Web Hosting without extra charges.


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I still love you all but, for right now this is a goodbye...
Still fee free to contact me by note!


If you're wondering why I'm un-watching you from my friends list it's because I'm in debate weather or not to make a new last DA account for my final destination as a Digital Erotic Artist for Art commissions for those who want to actually support me & Critique my art at the same time. However, I am going through a tough time in health right now so, if I do decide to do this it'll most likely be after I fully deactivate this account & add you all on another account. I'm making Art videos for SpeedPaints but, Procrastinating is my biggest problem in life right now so, it'll take me a long time to post something new one video after another like any other creator like on YT, Vimeoh, or whatever.
So, please if you think I'm un-friending you for whatever reason it's nothing bad or discouraging. It's just to keep your friends list clean n what not.

Once I add you guys to my new DA account I'll link you guys to a Intro video from my Vidme account about what I DO draw & what I DON'T draw as an artist so people will get the freakin' picture.

So, I hope ya'll understand where I'm coming from.
See, ya'll on the flip side...


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